Steel with a profile

Mannstaedt GmbH

Mannstaedt is a world leader in hot-rolled steel special profiles. The GMH Gruppe company supplies custom special profiles for manufacturing components and finished products to many different sectors all around the world, such as the automotive industry, the materials handling market, warehousing and conveying technology, the construction and commercial vehicles industry, the construction industry, and the agricultural machinery industry.

Hot-rolled special profiles are Mannstaedt’s core area of expertise. We supply bespoke products with shapes and steel types tailored to our customers’ needs in order to give them an advantage when it comes to the further processing and finishing of their components and finished products. By eliminating the need for additional processing steps, we save our customers both time and money. Our made-to-order shapes and custom steel properties also allow them to reduce the weight of their end products, while using Mannstaedt products also enables them to improve their general dimensional accuracy and the mechanical properties of their finished products. Finally, our special profiles provide surfaces that meet even the strictest of requirements.   

Developing solutions for any requirement

We see ourselves as a provider of solutions. We take the ideas of our customers as a starting point and work closely with them to develop the perfect product. Our expertise is rooted in decades of experience in forming steel, and we offer an in-depth understanding of engineering, metallurgy, roller design, hot rolling and further processing. In the 2 to 180 kg/m product range, we supply solutions in response to seemingly impossible challenges. No other manufacturer of special profiles can rival the variety of products and materials we offer.

We always meet our customers’ requirements, whether they are looking for special material properties or have particular expectations in terms of straightness, drilling, surface quality, or the lengths of their bars or pieces. In addition to hot rolling, we also offer a range of other processing steps that enable us to achieve this level of customer satisfaction: drawing, welding, sawing to size, blasting, milling and coating. On top of our highly customised special profiles, our portfolio also includes a wide range of standardised products.

We keep industries moving

Working hand in hand is essential to ensuring precise results. In order to do this, we bring together the expertise and experience of engineers and materials experts, of technicians and mechanics, and of designers and laboratory staff. We complement this workforce with other companies and experts within GMH Gruppe, working closely with our customers to provide assistance and advice at a personal level. This dedication allows us to produce high-quality results and innovative products that set standards in the field of special profiles.

We build on outstanding ideas

Our dedicated experts are always developing new products. They constantly strive to come up with new approaches for our customers, using fully equipped lab for testing geometries, material properties and surfaces, the latest CAD/CAM systems and complex numerical calculation processes based on the finite element method. And their work isn’t over once they have developed the right innovation – in fact, they won’t rest until the new product has been seamlessly integrated into the customer’s processes.