A real future

The history of Mannstaedt GmbH

We laid the foundations for one of our region’s most important industrial sites back in 1825, providing a platform for the lasting success that has turned us into one of the world’s leading providers of hot-rolled steel special profiles. Our aim now is to keep building on our market leadership as a GMH Gruppe company.

The Mannstaedt success story

1825 – Johann Wilhelm Windgassen, a land surveyor, buys the plot of land in Troisdorf that remains the company premises today, for 5000 thaler. On this site, he founds Windgassen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Hütte. The perfect conditions for the business are already in place: the nearby Sieg River supplies the water required for the manufacturing process, while horses and oxen deliver the iron ore from a pit in Hennef. The charcoal comes from the surrounding woodlands.

1911 – Entrepreneur Louis Mannstaedt takes over the Façoneisen rolling mill and founds Louis-Mannstaedt & Cie. AG. Mannstaedt already has plenty of experience in manufacturing rolled iron profiles, and the Troisdorf site provides the space he needs to expand his production.

1923 – The company is bought by the Klöckner corporation. By this time, around 4,000 people are already working at the mill.

1986 – 1999 - Ownership of the company changes hands several times. In 1986, it becomes part of Klöckner Stahl GmbH. British Steel plc. takes over in 1990, then becomes Corus Group plc. in 1999.

2006 – The plant returns to German ownership, in the form of Georgsmarienhütte Holding. Georgsmarienhütte continues to grow, becoming GMH Gruppe – a strong alliance of over 20 companies all around the world, with a total of 6,500 employees. Streamlined procedures, a single supplier for both development and production, and the combine expertise of the individual companies within the Group offer customers new advantages – including Mannstaedt’s high-precision, hot-rolled profiles.