Developing solutions for any requirement

Production and logistics

The staff at our rolling lines and high-tech labs combine cutting-edge technology, expertise, ideas, moulds and material properties to produce highly customised products.

Cutting-edge rolling lines for a variety of profiles

Expertise, dedicated staff and modern production plants are the attributes that make us a reliable partner for our customers. We cater to their every need – engineering, metallurgy, roller design, hot rolling and further processing – producing custom solutions for all the most important industrial sectors and branches. Our rolling lines boast a capacity of 200,000 tonnes, allowing us to produce a variety of profiles that caters to almost any requirement or application: from hot-rolled special profiles with narrow tolerances that have set new standard in the automotive industry to sophisticated components for the construction industry – single-source solutions that render additional steps such as welding obsolete.

We produce special profiles with weights of 2 kg/m to 180 kg/m, thicknesses of 2 to 6 mm and bar lengths of up to 24 metres.

Our rolling lines:

Heavy section

  • Product range: 15 – 180 kg/m
  • Max. width: 400 mm
  • Min. thickness: 6 mm
  • Bar length: Up to 24,000 mm

Light section

  • Product range: 2 – 35 kg/m
  • Max. width: 180 mm
  • Min. thickness: 2 mm
  • Bar length: Up to 18,000 mm

Our development centre – Always one step ahead

We don't just rest on our laurels once we’ve fulfilled all our customers’ requirements. Instead, we are consistently optimising our profiles and developing them further. For us, unusual geometries and highly complex material properties are not impossible – they are a challenge to be relished. Here at Mannstaedt, engineers, materials experts, technicians, designers, lab staff and other specialists from throughout GMH Gruppe work hand in hand to develop tomorrow’s solutions today. Our fully equipped lab tests geometries, material properties and surfaces in order to make our steel even better than it already is. We also invest thoughtfully in our production plants to ensure that we can keep developing our pioneering ideas for many years to come.

Further processing that meets the highest standards

When it comes to dimensions, tolerances, materials and surface properties, Mannstaedt’s production team is constantly extending the limits of what is possible. Just like the other areas of our business, our further processing services produce results that comply precisely with our customers’ requirements. No matter what the customer expects in terms of straightness, drilling, surface quality, or the length of their bars and pieces, we always find the best possible result – together. In addition to hot rolling, we also offer a range of other processing steps: drawing, welding, sawing to size, blasting, milling and coating.

Certified quality

Here at Mannstaedt, all our production sequences follow reliable processes and comply with all the relevant international standards: DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001, DIN ISO/TS 16949 and DIN EN ISO 50001. You can view our certificates here