A sustainable vision

What we do to preserve the environment and climate

Acting economically is inconceivable if you fail to consider your ecological responsibility. Our financial success is due in no small part to our willingness to accept this responsibility – as can be seen in Mannstaedt’s certifications for environmental and energy management, for example.

Here at Mannstaedt, our environmental and energy management systems comply with all the globally recognised requirements. Like all GMH Gruppe companies, we are audited and certified in accordance with DIN ISO 14001 in order to protect the environment, and our commitment to climate conservation is demonstrated by our DIN ISO 50001 certification. In order to ensure that we maintain our own high standards for many years to come, we use the latest technology and invest in our plants to make them even more efficient and reduce our resource consumption even further. We also analyse our data continuously and comprehensively in order to ensure that the measures we implement are successful – an approach that also enables us to uncover potential for further optimisation. Together, these two factors allow us to keep improving our environmental and energy management systems and developing them further.

From the raw material to the production process

As a forward-thinking company, our actions are governed by a long-term vision for protecting the environment and our climate. This means that we go beyond the current laws and standards: our whole operation, from the procurement of the raw materials to our production processes, is geared towards protecting our environment and conserving global resources as much as possible. For example, we take advantage of steel’s unique ability to be worked with almost no losses and remain 100% recyclable. Every time we re-use recycled steel from within GMH Gruppe, we offset the entire Group’s ecological footprint. And thanks to special training courses, our employees are able to optimise their processes with a view to conserving the environment and climate.

Sustainable development

To us, conserving our environment and ensuring that we use our energy resources efficiently and sustainably are more than just management tasks – they are guiding principles that extend to all of our production processes. In fact, our commitment to sustainability even stretches beyond our factory gates. Mannstaedt special profile reduce the weight of vehicles, thus making them more efficient. At the same time, our solutions enable customers to eliminate further processing steps, thus allowing them to save valuable resources during their manufacturing processes.