Living by our values

Committed to more than just steel

We provide a solid foundation for everyone: not just the industries we supply, but also our employees, those who live in our region and the generations still to come. We provide jobs and quality of life, play an active role in the community and help to keep our employees fit and healthy.

Economic success is obviously one of our main priorities as a business, but it is not the only one. In fact, our actions and decisions are shaped just as much by our sense of social responsibility as by our need to remain financially viable. For example, we always observe the highest standards of safety, both in the workplace and beyond. Our responsibility extends not just to our employees and their families, but throughout every part of the community.

Forged by the community, for the community

Our Troisdorf site has enabled us to keep building on our success as a company for many years. At Mannstaedt, social commitment means giving this success back to the local people in our community. Those who live in our region know that our high standards offer more than just job opportunities and security – they also contribute to the quality of life of everyone who lives here, offering them careers, protecting the environment and keeping our employees fit and healthy.

Committed to the community

As a medium-sized enterprise, being involved in the community is a long-standing tradition here at Mannstaedt. We put the same passion into supporting social initiatives as we do into producing steel, whether that means promoting cultural diversity and equal opportunities within our company or throughout society as a whole. As a promoter and sponsor of many different projects, we have contributed to our local community consistently over a period of many years.