A systematic approach to career success

University graduates at GMH Gruppe

Whether you join us on a trainee programme or join us in a regular employment role, we will support your career development from day one. GMH Gruppe offers you a host of opportunities to assume genuine responsibility straight away – and to continuously hone your skills.

How do we put theory into practice? For example, through systematic human resources development programmes that bring you closer to achieving your career goals. They make sure you experience success early on – the ideal motivation for embracing whatever your future career might bring. What we expect from you is commitment, enthusiasm, and team spirit.

Trainee programmes

Our trainee programmes ensure that your professional career gets off to a good start. What do you need to do? Simply commit yourself fully, and with our help and guidance, you will grow into a responsible role in just 12 months. You will take part in exciting projects, build effective networks, and experience diverse activities at GMH Gruppe.

Starting your career with us

Take the fast lane: with the right position in the right organisation, you can go from university or an apprenticeship straight into work. If you commence your career with us, your prospects are bright. From day one, you will take on challenging assignments, contribute your own ideas – and be given responsibility. And to ensure you make an excellent start, we will give you maximum support and assistance. That includes a comprehensive onboarding process and close interaction with experienced colleagues. For example, we recently launched a Group-level programme for new technical employees in metallurgy. As a trainee, you will quickly come to know the entire GMH Gruppe, build a network of contacts, and identify the aspect of our business that interests you most. You are also welcome to submit your job application to one of our Group companies directly. We wish you the best of luck.

Simone Rojahn

Head of HR of Mannstaedt GmbH