Flexible measurement, exact profile

Calipri: portable measuring instrument for efficient rolling

Profile projectors and wooden planks, fixed profile measurement systems: quality inspections of red-hot profile bars are often labour-intensive and expensive even in modern rolling mills. An invention by Mannstaedt employee Franz-Dieter Philipp has now changed that forever.

Rolling mill crews have long wished for a portable, flexible and easy-to-use laser device for measuring the contour of red-hot bars. With Calipri by Mannstaedt, that wish has now become reality. The device is a semi-circular shape the size of a handbag and can measure red-hot profile bars in a few simple steps – portable, flexible and directly on the hot rolling rod.

Quick results from mobile application  

Calipri can measure profile forms at temperatures of up to 1,000°C in just a few seconds, and it transmits the measurement data, accurate to less than 0.2 mm, via the integrated Wi-Fi function. The device works on a contactless and wireless basis, making it very easy to use. It is therefore ideally suited for taking test measurements, for example between roll stands. Calipri also makes it easier to calibrate a new rolled section.

Successful development partnership

Franz-Dieter Philipp came upon the idea when he first used the Calipri freehand-held laser measuring instrument. The measuring instrument by the Graz-based NEXTSENSE GmbH company impressed with its excellent manageability and flexibility. After successful preliminary testing, Calipri was further developed by NEXTSENSE and Mannstaedt for measuring profile bars. From input on the rolling process to the user-friendly design of the software: the expertise of the rolling mill crews and development support from Martin Schütt and Christian Trappmann at Mannstaedt’s technology department were incorporated into the process.

Efficiency in production   

The joint evaluation of two comprehensive prototype tests on Mannstaedt’s small rolling line eventually led to insights that made the laser measuring instrument ready to go into production. Calipri is now used mainly during product changeovers on the rolling line and when developing and optimising new and well-established profiles. It is no longer necessary to burn off samples with a blowtorch and compare them under the projector, and large, permanently installed profile measuring systems are a thing of the past. The savings in terms of time and effort are, without a doubt, the biggest advantage offered by Calipri.