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Special profiles automotive industry


Hot rolled special profiles are our core competence. Customers in the automotive industry use these profiles to secure themselves a decisive advantage on their markets. When the maximum durability and reliable quality are paramount, place your trust in our expertise and many years of experience.

In the context of lightweight construction, the optimised weight of our special profiles offers some ground-breaking solution possibilities. With our narrow tolerances we set the standard for our industry. Our portfolio of hinge profiles is the largest in the world. Whether it is a question of a hinge profile or a hinge piece - we work closely together with our customers to find the best steel solution to suit their requirements. 

  • hinge profiles
  • saw cut hinge pieces

Special profiles forklift trucks


We specialise in individual steel profiles for materials handling. For optimum lifting mast profiles, fork carriages or side shifter profiles, our expertise and experience focus particularly on design, production and the further processing of profiles. Whether hot-rolled, cold-drawn or mashined, our expertise ensues from decades of experience in making special profiles from steel.

We supply virtually all the world's leading manufacturers of fork-lift trucks with our lift mast profiles. In addition to our very individual solutions, we also produce an extensive range of freely available standard profiles for the materials handling vehicle market. In this context we offer our customers standardised U-Channels with and without flanges as well as I-Beams and fork carriage profiles. 

  • hot rolled mast profiles
  • cold drawn mast profiles
  • machined masts
  • standard masts
  • fork carriages
  • profiles for front-end equipment

Special profiles warehousing and conveying technology

rolled, cold-drawn

For warehousing and conveying technology, we produce hot-rolled and cold-drawn profiles which are used in racking and warehousing systems as well as in horizontal and vertical conveyance systems, such as overhead monorails as well as Power & Free conveyance systems. Furthermore we offer customised as well as standardised products for lifting devices and lifting platforms as well as crane rail systems. 

  • profiles for storage and racking construction
  • profiles for horizontal and vertical handling systems
  • profiles for lifting devices and lifting platforms
  • crane rails

Special profiles commercial vehicle industry


Profiles for the construction and commercial vehicle industry are as diverse as our customers. The focus here is on the joint development of optimised profiles to reduce mechanical processing or welding processes and, ultimately, to optimise weight.
It is possible to choose from a range of production possibilities:

  • hot-rolled profiles in long or short lengths (clipped/sawn),
  • further processed components e.g. rounded profiles or rings or
  • ready-to-install components such as our popular ball turntables.

And our service naturally extends beyond the product - we also support our customers with logistics arrangements to suit their specific requirements.


Profiles for construction machinery and all types of commercial vehicles e.g. axle profiles, turntables, heavy-duty wheel profiles and so on.

Special profiles construction industry


We provide diverse and complex applications, innovative solutions and designs that are flexible, effective and safe. We ensure that all of our special profiles meet these requirements. On individual pieces which are elsewhere still welded together to form a profile, Mannstaedt's special hot rolled profiles offer solutions from one single source, thus cutting out unnecessary production steps. Whether anchor rails for fastening and mounting systems, expansions joint profiles for bridges and road overpasses, locking bar profiles for technically sophisticated sheet piling applications or pipe couplings and spigots as connecting and sealing element for steel and concrete pipes, we can provide solutions with huge benefits to you, for all fields of application.

  • anchor rails
  • expansion joints
  • pipe coupling sections
  • lock profiles
  • profiles for façade construction

Special profiles agricultural machinery


The specifications for thresher baffle plates, ploughshare profiles, brackets for forage harvesters and mowers or chain profiles are as varied as their areas of application. Applications such as rotating thresher drums in combine harvesters,  chain links in conveyance systems or field choppers, furthermore, tend to be technically quite complex. At Mannstaedt we utilise the, full range of options available to us to develop and produce a product that matches our customer’s exact specifications – the result of an optimised chemical structure and shape, infused with our ground-breaking ideas. Our special profiles, therefore, are important components when working the land or harvesting crops. 

  • thresher baffle plates
  • ploughshare profiles
  • brackets for forage harvesters and mowers
  • chain profiles

Special profiles for many other areas of application


Whether ship building, railway and rail technology, mining, mechanical engineering and plant construction: our profiles provide answers to questions which occur in virtually every sector of industry. We always take our customers' ideas and requirements as a starting point, and develop solutions from this which set high standards, e.g. in respect of dimensions, weight, tolerances, materials and surface properties. Our portfolio of products and services relating to special profiles is unique in the world. It includes profiles with weights ranging from 2 kg/m to over 180 kg/m. 


Ship building, railway and rail technology, mining, mechanical engineering and plant construction.


Further development and continuous optimisation


Our task does not end with delivery of the tailor-made profile. In collaboration with our customers as well as other GMH Gruppe specialists, we work consistently to optimise our products and processes. This enables us to assert ourselves successfully with our expertise, flexibility and experience on the different markets. Here at Mannstaedt, engineers, materials experts, technicians, designers and other specialists work exclusively on new geometries as well as improved product and material properties. For the analysis and ongoing improvement of the developments, we use a fully equipped laboratory for testing geometries, material properties and surfaces. The latest CAD/CAM systems and complex numerical calculation processes based on the finite element method are applied. After all, for us further development also means ongoing involvement until a project has been seamlessly integrated into the customer’s processes. 

Continuous optimisation and development of individual solutions for our customers:
  • new geometries
  • improved product
  • material properties
  • logistics concepts

Innovative logistics concepts


Using synergies, and achieving the optimum synthesis of steel, geometry and application, requires sophisticated logistics concepts. We apply our pioneering spirit here and consistently expand our expertise. For example, in our modern logistics centre processes with process control and mobile data collection are becoming more efficient and transparent by means of a mobile SAP platform. Production and dispatch are clearly separated, the individual stages of a process are better and more effectively coordinated. Or in the case of handling very heavy steel profiles: here we are one of the companies which has broken new ground in steel production by using high-performance robots to stack the profiles in a space-saving way and prepare them for further transport. 

Sophisticated logistic concepts:
  • transparent processes
  • mobile data capture
  • continuous optimisation by using robots in our logistics centre